Project Description


Multimedia dance performance
National Center of Dance, Bucharest, 2014

“In Total Balance” focuses on translating aspects of the human behaviour, emotions and unconscious mechanisms (the inner world of the performers) by using the language of contemporary dance and introducing visuals codes, sounds and interactive technology solutions.
The body is vital part in the construction of the composition; the body manipulates and also generates the other elements and gives an emotional dimension of the whole.

The performance is part of the project “Dance. Technology. Interactivity” initiated by AVmotional Association and financed by the Center for Cultural Projects of Bucharest – ARCUB/ Bucharest Cultural Program 555, hosted by the National Center of Dance, Bucharest in partnership with National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Dilmana Yordanova – concept, art director, producer, live multimedia

Cristian Iordache – interactive software development

Cristina Lilienfeld – choreographer, performer

Smaranda Gabudeanu – performer

Sorin Paun aka Randomform – sound design

Photo credits: Vlad Dumitrescu, Cristian Vasile, Traian Racovita