Project Description


Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest, 2023

“In a fresh and extremely relevant vision for the current moment, “Measure for Measure” proposes a courageous encounter with today’s viewers, rediscovering the valences of Shakespeare’s text, in the context of public conversations now.
Diana Mititelu’s staging thus becomes a social commentary, ironic, powerful, and spectacular, about power relations, guilt, faith, morality, and the intrusion of politics into intimate space, but also about the limits of personal freedom and what happens when love obeys the law.”

Based on a play by William Shakespeare
Text adaptation by Cosmin Stanila

Directed by: Elena Morar
Scenography: Nina Brumusila

Video production: Dilmana Yordanova
3D animation: Ovidiu Eftimie

Photos by Andrei Gindac