4th Skin. AV interactive performance @ Ars Electronica 2013

4th Skin – an interactive platform for video mapping on bodies

Participating Artists
Mihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals, Concept, Video & Interactivity, Co-producer
Cristian Iordache/ KOTKI visuals, Programmer

Dolma Jover Agullo, Choreographer
Sorin Paun aka Randomform, Sound artist
Juan Camilo Herrera, Performer
Vilte Svarplyte, Performer

A project co-produced by: Interface Cultures, Linz
The performance is part of the exhibition “Use at your own risk”
Brucknerhaus, Linz
Thu 5.9.- Mon 9.9. – 14:00 – 15:00

The “4th Skin” is a comment on the subjects of ephemerality, transience and impermanence. Exploring the identity and memory of one’s body and the immediate surroundings, it reflects the sense-based interaction between one self and the world around.
This fourth skin is mere projection – technically as well as metaphorically.
It is dynamic and ephemeral. The inherent characteristics of projection as a medium alone are inviting enough to discuss.

This interactive audio-visual performance piece has a strong performative and site-specific component. The relations between the performers and the surroundings result in the form of ephemeral audio-visual skin. Video content is created live according to the performers’ explorations with mobile filming devices: their presence in a given space, bodies, movements, actions, textures, these all become part of the dynamic skin.
By acting in a way or another, the performer changes the skin’s content, which could also be perceived as a garment. The captured video footage is projected on the performer’s body using custom developed video tracking & video mapping solution.
„4th Skin” project makes visible our point of view: what we see, touch or reflect. It is the “skin” created by our whole body and mind experience and our interactions with the world around.