Project Description


Kosmos Theater, Vienna, Austria, 2018

After the novel “Kassandra” by Christa Wolf (1983), re-interpreting the battle of Troy as a war for economic power and a shift to a patriarchal society.

Under Julia Nina Kneussel’s direction, the actress Julia Schranz and her digital counterpart embody the relentless obituary of a vanished system – in a new version specially adapted for the stage.

KOTKI visuals: real-time interaction platforms & video production.

Direction: Julia Kneussel
Julia Schranz: Kassandra.
Script: Julia Nina Kneussel, Martina Theissl
Dramaturgy: Martina Theissl
Art direction: Mihaela Kavdanska (KOTKI visuals)
Coding: Cristian Iordache
Music: Steffi Neuhuber
Stage design: Gudrun Lenk-Gudrun Lenk-wane
Light design: Dulcinea Jan
Director’s Assistants: Olivia Poppe & Avelina Goetz