Multimedia Installations Accessible for People with Visual, Speech and Hearing Disabilities

The National Museum of Arts of Romania invited KOTKI visuals for the realization of two multimedia products, as part of the Project “ARTouch” initiated by MNAR & Orange Foundation.
“ARTouch/Touch Art” project aims to make the European Art Gallery’ collection, more accessible for people with visual, speech and hearing disabilities.

The interactive applications are dedicated to the paintings “Gate” (Saint-Tropez) by Paul Signac and “St. Francis and St. Benedict listening to an Angel” by Guercino. The paintings are part of the European Art Gallery’ collection.

“The Sound of Colors” application sonifies the colors in the pointillist painting of Paul Signac, “Gate” (Saint-Tropez).
KOTKI visuals, together with the composer Victor Alexandru Coltea, transform colors and forms into sounds and musical compositions.
Every color is sonified and is hearable as a separate sound. The different forms in the painting are audible as musical compositions.

To create the interaction and graphic design of this application, KOTKI visuals collaborated with partially sighted persons, their feedback being very helpful in creating an adequate application for a large scale of vision disabilities.

The application dedicated to the painting “St. Francis and St. Benedict listening to an Angel” by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri aka Guercino, presents a multimedia analysis of it: characteristics of the baroque composition, geometry, view point of the painter, light situations.