Project Description

Who Am I? A human-robot performance


Who Am I is a performance investigating identity as narrative in a Phoenix-like perspective, from its affirmation to its annihilation and then intrinsically resurging as something entirely new.
Broadening the spectrum of identity through the use of robotics as performers interacting with humans leads to wider interrogations on bio-mechanics and the nature of movement within the quest for alternative kinds of kinship, like the one between humans and machines, however shaded by fear of other patterns of thought then ours it may be. Historically, coping with the fear of the unknown has constantly triggered evolution.

Who Am I is the first human-robot performance taking place in Romania, selected by Ars Electronica Festival 2020 as part of H3 Garden/ Before detach().

H3 Garden, Str. Popa Nan 82, Bucuresti
9 – 13 September 2020, 19:00

Photo credits: Adi Bulboaca & Sorin Florea

Concept: H3 & Adrian Damian
Director and writer: Alexandru Berceanu
Scenography: Adrian Damian
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Motion design: Andrei Mitișor, Sebastian Comănescu
Video design: Dilmana Yordanova, Ovidiu Eftimie
Light design: Cristian Șimon, Răzvan Pascu
Music & Sound Design: Vlaicu Golcea, Kinga Ötvös
Costumes: Luiza Enescu
Performers: Andrea Gavriliu, Mădălina Ciotea, Vlad Bîrzanu, Anda Saltelechi, Meda Victor, Eduard Trifa
Video engineer: Silviu Bratosin, Luca Achim
Financial Coordinator: Andreea Chindriș
Stage manager: Dan Iosif
Project coordinator: Cristina Tudor
Scenography Assistant: Andrei Șova

Videographers: Adi Bulboacă, Sorin Florea
Video editor: Florina Titz
Making-of: Marius Beșu
Producers: Florin Niculae, Ana Țecu, Ana Ciobanu, Anita Nițulescu
Production Manager: Roxana Cozma
Communication manager: Sînziana Boaru Gîrjob
PR & Media relations – Bianca Cenușe

Producers: H3 / Teatrul Odeon / :arrogant films